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Themed Toys

These are toys have been obtained individually to create collections based on the same subject. The Thomas The Tank engine was an early collection beginning around 2004 along with the farm toys. Thunderbirds was the next big thing around 2006 and all was obtained from Ebay or charity shops. The Lego Bionicles (later to become Hero Factory) begun in 2007 and continued through 2013. Transformers collection began with the small ones in 2009 and continued upto 2012 with the Kre-o Trnasformers range beginning in 2011 and ending in 2013. The Halo (Mega Bloks) started in 2011 with one item and became more popular from 2012 through to 2014. The trainset was introduced at Christmas 2013.

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  1. Take Along Thomas

    Take Along Thomas

  2. Toy Farm

    1/24th Scale Farm

  3. Thunderbirds


  4. Power Rangers

    Power Rangers

  5. Lego Action Figures

    Lego | Action Figures

  6. Transformers


  7. Bakugan


  8. Maxus 7 in 1

    Fake Bakugan

  9. Halo Figures

    Mega Bloks | Halo Figures

  10. Halo Sets

    Mega Bloks | Halo Sets

  11. Halo Scenes

    Mega Bloks | Halo Scenes

  12. Kre-o


  13. 00 Gauge Trainset

    00 Gauge Trainset

  14. Call of Duty

    Mega Bloks | Call of Duty