Thomas The Tank Engine Train Set

The large battery operated train set was acquired Oct 2005 and the Harold Helipad added in Dec 2005. It had a fair amount of interactivity, with special sections of track to stop Thomas, and Cranky the crane would automatically move when a certain section of track was activated. The Harold helipad required a little skill to operate in pick-up and drop off the electro magnetic operated crates.

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  1. Train Set
  2. Train Set
  3. Thomas
  4. Harold
  5. Harold
  6. Harold
  7. Harold's Controls
  8. Thomas on the bridge
  9. Thomas
  10. Cranky
  11. The Docks
  12. Bulstrode
  13. Bertie
  14. Thomas
  15. Annie
  16. Clarabel
  17. Bertie
  18. Troublesome Trucks
  19. Bulstrode