Rescue Heroes

Acquired early on back in Oct 2004 but never really played with. The command center had buttons for preset sounds and also a button to record voices or own sounds. The figures that came with the robots have fixed sayings and the robots reply in peculiar wirrings and bleeps.

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  1. Command Center
  2. Command Center
  3. Command Center
  4. Command Center
  5. Command Center
  6. Launch Force - Seymour Wilde
  7. Launch Force - Seymour Wilde
  8. Night Patrol - Captain Cuffs
  9. Night Patrol - Captain Cuffs
  10. Jake Justice & Robot
  11. Jake Justice
  12. Aerial Flyer & Robot
  13. Jake Justice & Robot
  14. Aerial Flyer
  15. Aerial Flyer & Robot