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The first Lego was an articulated truck acquired Christmas 2006; Dad had to build it and then it was subsequently kept as a model for occasional play with other toys. The first general 'tub' set was purchased in July 2007 and had been a run away hit since. The first few models were made following instructions from the booklet supplied with the the first general kit and then home made creations were done utilising the articulated truck set's pieces. A second 'tub set' was aquired Christmas 2007 which doubled the collection.

Themed sets became more popular from mid 2008, with the Star Wars, City Police and Atlantis being major "must haves" from mid 2009 to 2011. The Ninjago range was popular from 2011 and Star Wars continued as a favourite. From 2013 interest waned from lego in general and moved more towards the Technics range.

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  1. Lego Sets


  2. Lego Racers


  3. Lego Star Wars

    Star Wars

  4. Lego Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

  5. Lego City


  6. Lego Emergency Services

    Emergency Services

  7. Lego Atlantis


  8. Lego Ninjago


  9. Lego Imagination


  10. Lego Promotions


  11. Hero Factory - Heroes & Villans

    Action Figures (Lego)

  12. Lego Technic