Slot Cars

It started with Dad's 1997 Escort Rally set and in January 1998 a lap counter and a 3 part narrow straight were added to the set. Daniel was introduced to slot car racing in 2005. The Chevrolet Camaro was a Christmas present in 2007 and the Hot Rod another Christmas present in 2009. The Audi TT 'Start' set (2008) was Dad's and then absorbed into the collection. The Ferrari F430 was bought with Chiristmas money Jan 2010. As of March 2011, a used Scalextric Digital set was acquired, yet to be illustrated here.

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  1. Escort Rally (Scalextric)
  2. Lap Counter (Scalextric)
  3. Ford RS Escort (Scalextric)
  4. Ford RS Escort (Scalextric)
  5. Ford RS Escort (Scalextric)
  6. Chevrolet Camaro (Scalextric)
  7. Chevrolet Camaro (Scalextric)
  8. Chevrolet Camaro (Scalextric)
  9. Chevrolet Camaro (Scalextric)
  10. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  11. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  12. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  13. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  14. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  15. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  16. 32 Hot Rod (Carrera)
  17. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  18. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  19. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  20. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  21. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  22. Ferrari F430 (Scalextric)
  23. Track Layout (Scalextric)
  24. Audi TT (Scalextric)
  25. Audi TT (Scalextric)
  26. Audi TT (Scalextric)
  27. Audi TT (Scalextric)
  28. Ford RS Escort (Scalextric)
  29. Ford RS Escort (Scalextric)