Car Sets

Two self contained playsets for small diecast Hotwheels/Matchbox cars.

Ice Mountain (Matchbox)

The Ice Mountain (2003) has a motorised lifting platform which sends vehicles down the ramps. When the motorised turn-table gets too full cars fall onto the 'cracked ice' for them to be sent to their peril when a lever is operated (with cracking sound effect). Open a gate and the cars cascade down from the turntable into a queue onto the lifting platform. There is a manually operated crane grab to rescue the cars from the icy depths. Fair amount of automation with the lifting arm but some cars roll off or don't even make it onto the lifting ramp. One truck came with the set.

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  1. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  2. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  3. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  4. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  5. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  6. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  7. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  8. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)
  9. Ice Mountain (Matchbox)

Car Washes (Matchbox)

The first car wash was acquired Christmas 2006 and meant for small diecast cars, eg Hotwheels or Matchbox. Very simple hand wound cork screw lifting mechanism gets the vehicles on the washing conveyor belt and then dumped into the wash tub. Cars lifted out manually on another ramp to be 'dried' by the manaully operated drier. Bubble mixture can be added to the conveyor section which will then blow bubbles. If real water is used the 'plastics' (not so desirable) cars are used.

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  1. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  2. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  3. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  4. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  5. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  6. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  7. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  8. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  9. Car Wash (Matchbox)
  10. Small fold-away Car Wash (Matchbox)