Drag Strips

Drag racing is not as popular as it is in the USA, hence dragster type tracks and sets are few and far between in the European market.

Homemade Drag Strip

The homemade dragstrip (not to scale) was created in Jan 2007 by Dad to meet a demand that couldn't be purchased. Created in Illustrator printed on a large format inkjet printer and encapsulated, it has proved to be durable and very useable. It was superceded by the Fast and Furious dragstrip in Dec 2007. Both tracks have been played with a lot,

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  1. Homemade Drag Strip
  2. Homemade Drag Strip
  3. Homemade Drag Strip
  4. Homemade Drag Strip
  5. Homemade Drag Strip
  6. Homemade Drag Strip
  7. Homemade Drag Strip
  8. Homemade Drag Strip
  9. Homemade Drag Strip
  10. Homemade Drag Strip
  11. Homemade Drag Strip

Fast And Furious Drag Strip

The Fast and Furious being more so due to its sprung loaded launch system so elimination style racing took place. On the Small Cars page the 34 Ford Hot Rod by Maitso was one of the fastest cars on this track, but was prone to wheelies and crashing.

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  1. Fast And Furious Drag Strip
  2. Fast And Furious Drag Strip
  3. Fast And Furious Drag Strip
  4. Fast And Furious Drag Strip
  5. Fast And Furious Drag Strip

Hotwheels Drag Strip

The Hot Wheels dragstrip was acquired for Christmas 2009 and had a much better finish line gantry that's not prone to errors like the Fast and Furious finish. Some of the larger Hot Wheels cars that didn't fit before on F'n'F do on this one and the launches can be spectacular as can be seen from the photos. The track is very flexible due to rolling up into the main body for storage, however, the track is susceptible to kinking and creasing, All the strips suit the 1/64th scale cars, though on the homemade strip larger cars could be accommodated.

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  1. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  2. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  3. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  4. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  5. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  6. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  7. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  8. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  9. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  10. Hotwheels Drag Strip
  11. Hotwheels Drag Strip